Scott Kurtzeborn
OBJECTIVE:      To apply my technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills to deliver technology experiences which are delightful and accessible to everyone.
   Engineering Manager (Oct 2016 - Present)
Office, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • Manager for the localization platform team consisting of 14 engineers. Responsible for work balancing and assignment, backlog management, performance assessments, and hiring.
  • Managed services which are depended on by partners across the company to facilitate the translation of article content and software strings using recycling, vendors and machine translation.
  • Drove the modernization of these services overcoming systemic performance, stability and reliability issues migrating from on-prem hardware to Azure PaaS based services.
  • Standardized on a common workflow execution system, telemetry system, code repository, and devOps live site support model.
Lead Software Development Engineer (Aug 2012 - Sep 2016)
OneNote, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • Drove consensus among partner teams on design for a notebook change notification pipeline from O365 to OneNote services and directly managed its implementation.
  • Lead design and implementation of OneNote online enrichments framework supporting both real time, background and crawl workflows.
  • Partnered with multiple MSR teams to deliver various enrichment technologies such as Handwriting OCR, Article extraction, and Business Card extraction.
  • Managed OneNote clipper project from prototyping through shipping v1.
Lead Software Development Engineer (Nov 2006 - Aug 2012)
Office, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • Office Licensing and Deployment team manager for Office 2010 and 2013 products managing a team of 7.
  • Initiated coordination and sharing of a common licensing platform between Windows and Office products.
  • Lead design and implementation of Office client licensing for subscriptions.
  • Managed responsibilities, workload, and deliverables for remote partner team in Microsoft Ireland
Software Development Engineer (May 2002 - Nov 2006)
Office, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • Worked on the Office Deployment team for 4.5 years on both the Office 2003 and 2007 product cycles
  • Team Bug Triage driver for the Deployment team through Dogfood, Beta and RTM of Office 2007
  • Designed and implemented the 2007 Office setup package chaining technology and all installation UI
  • Designed several Windows Installer Custom Actions supporting uninstall and proper rollback
Developer/Technical Lead (Apr 2000 - Apr 2002)
Red Rock Internet Technologies, Lindon, UT
  • Worked on several web programming projects from initial contract signing through final acceptance using ColdFusion, Perl, and shell scripts
  • Designed relational database schemas and managed them during project development using Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server
  • Set up and maintained a firewall and internal network using NAT on Linux
  • Designed and implemented web crawling tools in Perl
Computer Architecture Course Teacher's Assistant (Aug 1999 - Jun 2000)
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
  • Initiated, designed and implemented web based Perl application for class administration
  • Assisted in test preparation and evaluations of students' work
  • Periodically taught class
EDUCATION:    Brigham Young University, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Provo, UT
Bachelor of Science: Computer Science, April 2002
Overall GPA: 3.18/4.0,    Major GPA: 3.2/4.0,    Scholarship: Edward C. Giles Foundation
   Boy Scouts - Varsity Team Coach (Sep 2012 - Aug 2016)
  • Scout leader for 4-6 young men ages 14-15.
  • Organized 4 week-long high adventure activities include 2 50-mile hikes.
  • Organized team activities centered around merit badges, rank advancements, and vocational training.
ACM BYU Chapter - Vice President (Mar 2000 - Dec 2000)
  • Organized chapter activities (programming contest, recruiting meetings, presentations, Windows Install-a-thon).
  • Developed chapter web site using PHP.
LDS Mission in Asuncion, Paraguay (Jan 1996 - Feb 1998)
  • Served in several group leadership positions.
Boy Scouts - Eagle Rank (Fall 1991)
  • Planned and organized meetings and events. Developed teaching skills.
Programming:   C#, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, HTML, WiX, XML, XSLT, ColdFusion, Perl, PHP, shell scripts, batch files
Applications:   Windows Azure, IIS, Windows Installer (MSI) Custom Actions, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online, Team Foundation Services, ReSharper, NCrunch
Operating Systems:   Windows, Linux
Fluency in Spanish Language:   2 years native, 3 years of college coursework in spoken and written Spanish
INTERESTS:    Mobile Programming, 3d Printing, Soccer, SCUBA Diving